New Pricing Model

Have you ever wondered why your provider bills so much if the insurance company only pays 60% of the bill?  Have you ever wondered why the pricing structure is based on a 40% discount?

Doesn’t it seem like, if their pricing is 40% off, then something is wrong with their pricing?!?

What consumers are starting to learn is that the “Network Discount” is basically a discount off of INFINITY!  There are are no real limits to what they can bill!  Worst of all, the Affordable Care Act only makes it worse.

IN fact, many are finding out, that… networks themselves are a conflict of interest.

If you have an employer sponsored health plan, we need to talk.  Take the time to fill out your name and email address because we can help explain the evolution of this marketplace which has hurt your employees and had a huge negative impact on your company’s bottom line.