Less than 1%

That is the average increase of Peak Benefits large group clients in 2017.  That is right the average Peak Benefits Client total fixed health spend increased less than 1% in 2017!  In a marketplace that is trending upward at anywhere from 7% to 10% that is pretty impressive.

What is even more impressive is that we were able to drive this cost savings without decreasing coverages!  In fact, some of our groups even INCREASED the coverages to their employees.  These kinds of results in this environment are not typical with other brokers.

We are happy to provide references and testimonials when we sit down to meet.  Let’s talk about your company’s benefits plan and how we can help you.

“I’ve made a lot of good decisions since taking this organization over, but maybe the best one is picking Peak Benefits as our Brokers. You guys have been incredible.”
R.L. Colo Springs