Peak Benefits prides itself on delivering outstanding core business broker work with the best networks and providers. However, innovative solutions for client business problems are where we truly set ourselves apart. Below are just a few business cases that illustrate how we regularly make a difference with our client partners.

Business Case Examples:

Multiple Plan Option
Peak Benefits connected with a business whose benefits were utilized solely by
the management (20% of the employees) due to the high premium costs.  This
business recognized that they needed to offer more plan choices so all the
employees could take advantage of the group health insurance, but were
hesitant due to the potential insurmountable costs. The experts at Peak Benefits
analyzed their plan, researched the marketplace, and created a multiple option
plan offering special pricing due to their size. After hosting enrollment meetings, 
and initiating the plan, utilization increased to 80% of eligible employees and
costs increased by a mere 20%. The partner was thrilled to be able to offer
comprehensive health and dental benefits at great rates!

Turning a negative into a positive
A 200 person school district found themselves in the red and out of money for
benefits; they were considering cancelling their full benefit contribution. After the
Peak Benefits experts analyzed their situation, they proposed an unbundled
self-funded insurance plan which created an annual surplus of approximately
$180,000. The school district not only did not change their contribution, they were
able to add benefits such as life insurance and disability. Each year this plan is
analyzed and tweaked to maintain their surplus opportunities.

Ideal benefits solution for small, early stage company
A start-up company wanted to provide full benefits to all current and future
employees. As a start-up their budget was small. After numerous meetings and
hours of market research, Peak Benefits created a great health plan providing
comprehensive health benefits, including dental, vision and disability coupled with
a health reimbursement agreement which allowed the start up to keep monies in
the bank. By using the multiple insurance policies, this group had the room and
the budget to continually double its work force for the next five years.